Advice on the choice of cabin luggage

How to chose the perfect cabin suitcase which matchs with your needs, what is the size of a cabin suitcase et and the maximal weight ?

Here are some answers:
The answer is given by airlines like RYANAIR, EASYJET or AIRFRANCE as well as SNCF with OUIGO.

Your cabin suitcase should measure a maximum of 55cm (height) x 35cm (width) x 20cm (depth). These are the strictest dimensions.

This must not exceed 10kg.

Think of accessories such as needle or digital luggage scales to simplify your stay and avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport or station.

But how to measure the right size ?

A suitcase must always be measure from the floor to the handle, in order to take in count the entire suitcase et not only the container.

Look from above the difference sizes possible:

The S size : which corresponds to 1 week-end
The M size : which corresponds from 1 to 2 weeks of holidays
The L size : which corresponds from 2 to 3 weeks of holidays

We offer practical and easily identifiable suitcases, thanks in particular to a range of cabin suitcases with an external computer compartment, no need to completely reopen your case!

Of course, several items are not allowed in your suitcases for your train or plane travel:

Bottles of water, cosmetics products, Swiss knives and others have to be banned.

Whereas it is possible to transport liquid products in cabin luggage in a plastic bag (only one bag per passenger) under the following conditions:
- containers should be put in a closed transparent plastic bag,
- the vials must not exceed 100 ml
the maximum volume of the bag must be less than 1 litre
the maximum dimensions of the bag are 20 x 20 cm

Rigid or flexible ?

A flexible suitcase is light, a certain « extension » is possible. It generally has more exterior storage space than a rigid one.
A rigid suitcase is more robust, there are a multitude of different designs on rigid suitcases. You will inevitably find the product that matches your personality.

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