Guarantee of our Horizon products -Le Mans 24 Hours Bagages- Chantal Thomass- Le Modiste.

Quality charter:

Your luggages are tested according to the quality charter in effect, to ensure that the brand criterions are respected.


The shine of our products is preserved by a protected plastic film that must be removed before the use. We advise you to clean your luggage with water or textile cleaning products. Do not use solvents, as this will damage your luggages.


Our products are rigorously tested to met the highest standards. Therefore, if a material or manufacturing problem occurs, your luggages are guarantee for 2 years.
To benefit from this guarantee, you must have your original proof of purchase (receipt and reseller stamp). This guarantee only covers manufacturing defects, which exclude damages due to misuse (such as the transport of inappropriate objects), carelessness, accidents, fictional wear and an exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or damage during transport (for example: airlines). If your luggages had been damaged by a third party during a trip, file a claim with the shipping company (which is insured against damage to your product) upon arrival, if possible before customs clearance.

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