Download the padlocks’ user instructions for suitcase

How to fix a lock / a padlock on a suitcase?

Padlocks is an indispensable accessory when travelling by plane, especially for your baggage hold luggages. In order to secure your personal things in the best way, the choice of padlock is important: with key or combination, the choice would be made according to your preferences but also according to the demands of airlines or countries.

How to chose the right TSA padlock ?

To travel in the USA, you will need a particular padlock, the TSA one (Transportation Security Administration), a model of padlocks that American customs officer can open at any time to check the content of your suitcase. As part of the increased security at airports following the attack of September 11, bagages controls are indeed strict and if you do not have a TSA padlock, your classic one will be cut off or your luggage forced.

TSA approved padlock, are distinguished by a logo on the padlock: they are available with key or combination. In our catalogue you will find both types of TSA padlock at low prices, to travel in the United-States without fear of finding your suitcase, damaged.

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