Rigid Suitcases

Discover our range of rigid travel suitcases.

Are you looking for a strong and resistant suitcase to travel without worrying about it? Rigid suitcases are made for you! A little heavier than flexible suitcases, rigid suitcases are also more resistant and waterproof, and will protect your personal belongings optimally. With a shock-resistant shell made of solid materials, the rigid suitcase is your ally whatever your mode of transport (plane, boat, car…).

The rigid case uses materials such as ABS, polycarbonate or polypropylene. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) provides effective shock protection. More resistant than ABS, which can tend to yellow in the sun, polycarbonate is appreciated for its solidity but also for its lightness: easily manoeuvrable, the rigid polycarbonate cases are pleasant to carry for frequent travel. Finally, polypropylene is the most popular material for durable rigid cases that are resistant to shocks and temperature changes.

Quality rigid cases

Bagages à vivre offers you rigid suitcases of good quality, unique in their design and practicality. With brands such as Horizon, Aérial travel bag and Travel's, the collections on offer are changing and innovative, and the products have an excellent price-quality ratio. The rigid suitcases in our catalogue are designed for travellers, with lightweight and practical suitcases for transporting your personal belongings by air, such as the specially designed Aérial rigid suitcases, which are the size of airline cabin suitcases.

You will find all types of rigid cases in our different products and ranges. The Horizon Group's Aérial brand offers you a wide range of different suitcases that will suit all your needs and requirements: Basic, Classic, Multimedia, Business or Handy. You can also customize your rigid suitcases for unique luggage.

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